Health Benefits of Potatoes



 Health Benefits of Potatoes 


Potatoes health benefits includes supporting digestion, enhancing the skin, a source of weight gain, helps treat scurvy, helps treat Rheumatism, reduces external and internal inflammation, helps lower blood pressure, preventing cancer, improving brain function, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and treat kidney diseases.


What are Potatoes?

Potatoes are part of the Solanum tubersum family and are starchy and tuberous (perennial nightshade). Almost all of the crop's types often grow in an unattractive and porous state. On the other hand, when it comes to listing the countless advantages that this vegetable offers, the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" fits wonderfully on potatoes. Despite its twisted shape, the potato, formally known as Solanum tubersum, has several health advantages due to its rich nutritional content. The vegetable's surprising health benefits are listed here, along with a nutritional analysis.


Nutritional Analysis of Potatoes

Vitamin D 4 %

Iron 6%

Vitamin C 30%

Potassium    15%

Vitamin B6 10 %

Calcium 12%

Fiber 7 %

Health  Benefits of Potatoes


1. A Source of Weight Gain

Because they are mostly composed of carbohydrates, potatoes are a wonderful food for weight growth. Mashed potatoes are a great food to eat if you're trying to gain weight or build muscle. With their variety of vitamins, which include vitamins B complex and C, potatoes aid in the body's absorption of carbs. Because wrestlers and fighters need a lot of energy to compete, potatoes are a must-have in their diet.

2. Digestible

The presence of a considerable amount of carbohydrates in potatoes mostly aids in meal digestion. For children who require fluid and easily digestible foods, this digesting quality makes it one of the best feeding options. Furthermore, a high fiber content, especially in raw or boiling potatoes, helps to induce peristaltic activity and produce stomach juices to facilitate digestion. On the other side, eating too much fiber each day could make you become acidic.


3. Skin Care

If you have pale and dull skin, then you should know that potatoes contain some exceptional properties to nourish skin cells. Minerals like magnesium; phosphorous, zinc and potassium function like beauty agents and use to prevent aging signs. Besides that, many women apply the pulp of raw potatoes with honey as a face pack to cure pimples and dark spots. Potatoes water exfoliates the skin and improves complexion and provides a quick relief on the burnt skin.


4. Treat Scurvy

The oral disease is a viral infection that causes gum bleeding and cracked lips. It primarily demonstrates a deficiency of vitamin C in the body.  Potatoes, with their adequate amount of vitamin C, are the natural treatment of this disease which is conspicuously found in under developing countries. Scientists consider the prolific presence of potatoes can help prevent this problem from developing.


5. Treat Rheumatism

The disease is associated with causing the symptoms of muscles and joint pain with inflammation. Potatoes can be a source of quick relief. The presence of vitamins like magnesium and calcium in potatoes, help treat rheumatism. Also, boiled potatoes water can soothe the inflammation in the muscles. Seeing the flip side, the largely present carbohydrates and starchy content tend to increase weight, which may have harmful effects on the patients.


6. Reduce External and Internal Inflammation

According to recent studies, potatoes are extremely beneficial for reducing external and internal inflammation. Since it is easily digested, soft and has sufficient amounts of vitamin C, along with good antioxidant agents, it repairs ruptured tissues.  To relieve intestinal inflammation, vitamin B6 and potassium present in the potatoes significantly play their role. Both of these nutrients have good dietary elements that help you treat mouth ulcers and produce anti-inflammatory impact.  However, the weight gaining property of potatoes may exacerbate this condition. It is substantial to keep a fine balance in the intake.


7. Good for Lowering Blood Pressure

Scientists have enumerated various distinct reasons causing high blood pressure including stress, diabetes, nutrient imbalance and many more health complications.  Luckily, potatoes tend to alleviate many possible causes to relieve hypertension. The fiber in potatoes is considered a natural remedy to lower and control blood pressure, along with improving insulin production in your body. Adequate levels of insulin regulate glucose levels in the blood, which helps lower your blood pressure.


8. Prevents Cancer

A conducted study by Agriculture Research has confirmed the presence of quercetin in potatoes which has anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. Potatoes varieties like russet and red potatoes contain an adequate amount of antioxidant flavonoids and vitamin A, called carotene and zeaxanthin.  This antioxidant strengthens your immune system to protect against various life-threatening types of cancer.


9. Improves Brain Functioning

Research studies investigated that brain functioning depends on various components including proper oxygen supply,  maintained glucose levels,  balanced hormones, fatty acids and amino acids. Concerning this, if you are a potatoes lover, then the vegetable will cater to all of these requirements mentioned above. The high level of carbohydrates helps maintain glucose levels, preventing your brain from enervating its energy to keep you cognitively active and alert.  In addition to that, iron in potatoes facilitates proper oxygen transportation to help optimize its function.


10. Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Potatoes, apart from minerals and vitamins, have rich substances called carotenoids (zeaxanthin and lutein).  These substances, according to nutritionists, are incredibly beneficial for your heart.   However, it is significant to remember that potatoes increase glucose levels; over-consumption may lead to obesity and cardiovascular complications. If you have diabetes, only a limited quantity of potatoes will be recommended to you.


11. Treat Kidney Diseases

Recent studies have shown that the most common kidney problem, renal calculi, has tended to increase in the past few decades. It is mainly caused by an imbalanced intake of a high protein food such as shrimps, fish, and eggs, ultimately increasing uric acid in your blood. Increased levels of uric acid react with calcium and iron in the blood, forming kidney stones. Regarding this, magnesium in potatoes helps inhibit the accumulation of calcium in the kidney. Therefore, a recommended daily intake of potatoes may help prevent the formation of kidney stones and treat renal calculi. On the contrary, potatoes are also rich in calcium and iron and logically avoided to treat kidney diseases.



To sum it all, potatoes, which are high in carbohydrates and other nutrients, are unquestionably a great source of energy. The medical advantages they offer cannot be disputed, notwithstanding the possibility that they can make you gain weight. They treat cancer, aid in symptom reduction for high blood pressure, address skin issues, and heal burns and bruises. It is crucial to include this dish in your diet because of its high nutritious value. You may prepare it in many different ways and offer it to your toddlers to meet all of their nutritional needs. However, it's important to maintain a balanced diet because these factors can be harmful in terms of rising weight and blood sugar levels.


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